Singer Says Shen Yun Is an ‘Opportunity to look deeper into yourself’

May 1, 2017

“Anytime that you can take in another culture, show respect, appreciate, and look deeper into not only other culture, but yourself, though others, it’s a great opportunity. So we always enjoy Shen Yun.”

“My feeling is we are all connected, through misery and suffering, and also through happiness and joy, and that if we can understand ourselves, we will understand everyone else and therefore when we come and see each other, we are looking at a mirror—great mirror.”

“The artistry that comes with Shen Yun is very unique, and the culture from which spans thousands of years, we don’t have that history in the United States, we are history come from before we are here and from different lands. So very much so, it’s an opportunity to look deeper into yourself, where we’ve all come from, and enjoy.”

“The orchestral pieces, the art of the dance—when you see the exchange of the man come out, and they’ll do something a little more aggressive, the ladies come out with the elegance, and beauty and grace; it’s just a fantastic balance of being able to see a multi-various display of locations, culture. We are very grateful every time we get to be here.”