TV Presenter Johnny Ball: ‘Scene after scene lifts you’

February 22, 2018 ShareSHARE

“It was wonderful, wonderful. The dances, absolutely beautiful. They are so fit.”

“[The values in Shen Yun are] beautiful, and they’re traditional, and they’re wonderful. Against our modern culture, which is all too fast and too quick and too brash, with not enough background, I think it’s so much better that we look at it that way.”

“That’s what cultural stories are all about, it’s the traditional things and suddenly you think this doesn’t relate to us today, but then you realize, oh yes it does, because nothing changes.”

“The spiritual aspect is wonderful. I’ve always maintained that God is within you. We’re all human, we all have a heart, and if we’re given the chance, we can all be honest and decent with each other, and I think that’s where religion lies, in our own hearts.”

“Scene after scene after scene lifts you, brings something new, gives you historic ideas, and altogether it’s a joy. But it’s the joy of dance really, dance and music.”

“And the spirit is there, and the sheer fitness, and the smiles on their faces, you’ve got to smile yourself, because they’re all smiling perpetually. I don’t think it’s glued, it’s natural in them, that’s the way they feel. When you’re fit and you dance well, it’s beautiful.”

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