Shen Yun’s Music Can Rectify People’s Hearts, International Business Owner Says

September 30, 2017 ShareSHARE

“The music of Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra is special and lives up to its reputation. It is full of righteousness and can rectify people’s hearts.” 

“In the music, I see lakes and the ocean. I see famous mountains and rivers, and I see the great nation of China with its profound culture.” 

“The music of “The Great Khan” is majestic and inspiring. It made me feel that all my cells have come to life, and a hibernating memory was awakened. I thought that I was the Khan being the most powerful on the battlefields and charging into the desert on horseback.” 

“When I listened to “Dunhuang,” I thought I was inside the Dunhuang Grottoes looking at all Buddha statues carefully crafted by the artisans. When all the instruments were playing together in the end, I was in awe, believing that all Buddhas had descended.” 

“When I heard “The Plum Blossom,” it was a pleasant surprise and echoed in my heart. The last time I heard it was about 30 years ago. I was very emotional, and all my childhood memories came back to me.” 

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