Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra’s East-West Synchronization Impresses Art Director

September 21, 2017 ShareSHARE

“I think it [Shen Yun] has found its own direction.”

“I think the most valuable and difficult part is the synchronization between Western symphony orchestra and Chinese musical instruments—I truly learned a lot today.”

“With the fusion of erhu and pipa, on one hand, the sounds are more soothing, and on the other, the Western symphony can contain the essence of traditional Chinese culture. I think the most difficult part is how to combine them and create a new style, but that’s what I’ve learned most today.”

“What surprised me most is that he [the conductor] dealt with the encore piece especially well—I didn’t see the cultural barrier on him.”

“It’s truly not easy for Chinese to find their own way to perform in a Western Orchestra.”

“The music is worth listening to.”


“The orchestra performs something happy, positive, and even sad. But it’s Chinese philosophy that one can be sad, but should never be grieved.” 

“It [Shen Yun’s music] touches people with magnificence and compassion.”

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