Shen Yun ‘Is a Great Wonder to Watch…Very Impressive,’ Says Canadian Actress

Apr 18, 2024
Shen Yun ‘Is a Great Wonder to Watch…Very Impressive,’ Says Canadian Actress
Monick Piché and her husband enjoyed Shen Yun's evening performance at the Théâtre Maisonneuve in Montreal on April 17, 2024. (Teng Dongyu/The Epoch Times)
MONTREAL, Canada—Actress Monick Piché, acclaimed for her roles in films such as “Confession” and “Discussions Avec Mes Parents,” delighted in Shen Yun’s evening performance at Théâtre Maisonneuve.

During intermission on April 17, she said the show was “very impressive.”

“I’m really impressed. The colors, the show, ... everything was really a great wonder to watch. I feel like my mouth was open from the start.”

Based in New York, Shen Yun Performing Arts is the world’s premier classical Chinese dance and music company. Its performance comprises a series of short pieces that take its audience on a ride through the dynasties and across the vast regions of China.

Using classical Chinese, folk, and ethnic dances, as well as solo musical performances, the artists tell tales from ancient times to the modern day.

Ms. Piché was especially impressed by Shen Yun’s live music and the orchestra’s seamless cooperation with the dancers on stage.

“It’s very harmonious, and it’s pretty. It flows and goes very well [with the dances.] Yes, I really enjoyed it,” she said.

Using classical Western orchestration as the foundation, Shen Yun’s original compositions highlight traditional Chinese instruments such as the two-stringed erhu and the pipa—an ancient Chinese lute—bringing to its audience the best of both worlds.

Referring to the artists’ mission to revive China’s 5,000 years of traditional values, Ms. Piché said she can feel that “there’s a lot of soul and intensity in [Chinese] culture.”

“We were able to see it and feel it through the choreography and each program. [It helped us] to better understand the story.”

Tami Zaranski (R) and Melanie Erickson enjoyed Shen Yun's evening performance at Théâtre Maisonneuve in Montreal on April 17, 2024. (Wei Ya/The Epoch Times)
Tami Zaranski (R) and Melanie Erickson enjoyed Shen Yun's evening performance at Théâtre Maisonneuve in Montreal on April 17, 2024. (Wei Ya/The Epoch Times)

Also enjoying the evening show were Tami Zaranski, the CFO of the Garth Homer Society, and her friend Melanie Erickson, who works in real estate.

“The show is amazing. It’s really incredible. The timing of the dancers with the [3D animated backdrop] is just phenomenal,” Ms. Zaranski said.

“We [attend] a lot of productions and [Shen Yun] has been one of the productions that’s been on our list for a long time to see. We were really fortunate to get tickets. It’s just spectacular.”

Ms. Zaranski was moved to tears by one of Shen Yun’s story-based dances that depicted the ongoing human rights persecution in present-day China.

“Some of the scenes were very poignant, and they’re not all cheery— but the way the dancers emote and display how they’re feeling really draws you in,” she said.

“My impression is that light will always prevail over the dark. It was brilliant. The stories within the stories and the messages were very uplifting. [Some of the stories] were very challenging at times, but the fact that there were mini fairy tales was, for me, about light over darkness—hope.”
The friends will be recommending Shen Yun to all of their friends and family members.

“Anybody that has any interest at all in theater—definitely, they need to put it on their list. Certainly,” Ms. Zaranski said.

“It was beyond my expectations—I’m going to spend a little bit of time now to sort of reflect a little bit more on the challenges in China and what the message is about actually—what they’re trying to accomplish, because I think the message is a lot deeper. It’s not just a dance performance. It’s done beautifully, and it’s very thought-provoking for me.”

Ms. Erickson chimed in that the vibrant colors and wonderful dancers “just bring you inspiration and hope. It’s a fabulous production.”

“I’ve never seen a production like this where they have incorporated so much. I love the [show’s message that] true love conquers all. Even when we go through challenging times in our lives, our light needs to shine. There’s always a better way. I really like how it gives people hope that there is heaven.”

For its 2024 touring season, Shen Yun’s eight equally sized companies will be performing in over 200 cities across five continents. They can be expected to return each year with a brand-new set of choreography and musical compositions.

 Reporting by Teng Dongyu, Wei Ya, NTD, and Jennifer Tseng.
The Epoch Times is a proud sponsor of Shen Yun Performing Arts. We have covered audience reactions since Shen Yun’s inception in 2006.
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