Sevilla Theatergoers Say Shen Yun ‘Is Infused With Spirituality’

Apr 06, 2024
Shen Yun Performing Arts marked its first performance at the Cartuja Center CITE in Seville, Spain, on March 19. Taking the stage before a fully booked venue, Shen Yun’s artists received three curtain calls.

Former congressman Pablo Cambronero, praised Shen Yun for its extraordinary art and the connection it makes with contemporary China. “It’s a spectacle. Honestly, it has been spectacular from minute one.” He added: “because [what’s happening inside] China is not known in Spain, and I believe that the work that [Shen Yun] does gives us a very realistic view of what is happening there which we are not able to see here. So, the show has been perfect for me.”

Rafael Diaz Escudero, a notary official said: “we have been very fortunate to see so much color in the compositions in all the different stories. A phenomenal job of teamwork, of synchronization. Also, as my wife said, it brings forth a spiritual content that is so lacking today.”

Francisco José Contreras, a professor at the University of Seville, said that he “found it impressive artistically, musically, choreographically and also for the historical, political, even religious messages that are slipped in. So really, very impressive.”

Shen Yun Performing Arts uses the medium of Classical Chinese dance to tell stories, all the way from ancient China to the modern day. The art form is considered one of the first dance forms known to mankind, and one of the most difficult to master.

Leonardo Subirón, the owner of a law firm, said that the performance was “magnificent, great! I do not know how to describe it, but the synchronization, the way of moving, of expressing themselves, what they do, everything seems so extremely easy. And I imagine that behind the scenes, there must be many, many years of work put in for these people to be able to offer us the spectacle that they have offered us today.”

Mr. Escudero said: “the balance they show when they lift their leg and stand on the tips of their toes, and they don’t fall and become unbalanced. They must be very well balanced internally as well and very well harmonized. Otherwise, it would be impossible. Really what we’ve seen is a background, a glimpse into their inner life.”

“It really surprised me because this show is infused with spirituality and it is done in a very, very attractive style for the viewer. I found it very, very appealing,” said Mr. Cambronero.

Spirituality is deeply rooted in traditional Chinese culture. Ancient Chinese people believed their values were a gift from the divine, and upheld high moral values in their daily lives. Fast-forward to 1949, much of the country’s traditions were destroyed when communism took power in China. Today, Shen Yun’s goal is to bring that culture back to life, after it was almost lost.

Mr. Contreras said: “it was new for me to learn that [this culture] is so profound, so ancient and shared by so many Chinese. And at the same time to know that it’s so persecuted by the current Chinese regime. [This topic] comes up at various times in the show: religious persecution in today’s China, a totalitarian state. So that makes [Shen Yun] even more valuable.”

Mr. Escudero also said: “it really is a difficult time that we’re going through, but no, we can’t give up, can’t lose. Human beings are incredible. We are the children of gods, we have that divine spark, and it won’t be so easy for the world to end just like that. We have to believe that humans need to recover their rightful place in the universe.”

“It’s worth seeing because it’s a very attractive blend of spirituality and Chinese dance and music, with a bit of Western influence as well. So I found it very, very pleasant and very appealing,” said Mr. Cambronero.

Mr.  Escudero said: “these are shows that are necessary in the times we live in. Where you can absorb all that [Shen Yun] has shown us, harmony, color, good intentions, values. And I hope this really reaches more people.”

From NTD News, Sevilla, Spain
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