San Lorenzo de El Escorial Dance Teacher: ‘They Were Flying’

Apr 02, 2024
On the afternoon of March 10, Shen Yun Performing Arts raised the curtain on a second performance in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain. Theatergoers praised the artists for their skill and professionalism.

Paloma Botejara, an official for the Ministry of Culture in Madrid, said: “I’m loving it, it is spectacular. I think the stage design is very, very good and they are all professionals, super professionals. And the conveying and narration of the whole history, the tradition and culture of China, I truly find it very interesting.”

Maria Begoña Collantes-Sampedro, a philosopher and a writer, said: “I’m loving it, I’m loving it. It seems like a very exquisite show, with a lot of sensitivity, very delicate. I think there is a very beautiful mix between modern and ancient art, with ancient and modern techniques, which really surprised me and I’m really liking it.”

Beibei Wu, a practitioner of Chinese medicine, said: “I’m delighted, very excited. At the same time, I’m very proud to be Chinese. And that here in Spain I was able to see [Shen Yun], a show so great. That’s why I came with my daughter today. She was born here, and I would like her to be able to see such a wonderful spectacle. It’s such a great thing, the traditions of my country.”

Julian Cascajero is a professional dancer and a teacher. He called the amount of work and training behind what the artists display incredible. “The moves that these girls and boys make [on stage], it seems like they are not touching the ground and [looks like] they are flying, and it changes your mood totally, totally. For me, you have to work a lot to be able to achieve this level, a lot.” He added that, “it’s incredible! The rehearsal that’s behind it, the work that’s behind it, so many years, for sure. They must have worked for years.”

Shen Yun dancers receive training in Classical Chinese dance, an ancient art form consisting of physical expression and postures, leaps, flips, spins, and tumbling techniques. It’s one of the earliest-known dance systems in the world.

Mr. Cascajero said: “I know what’s behind here in terms of elasticity, preparation, and dance technicality. It’s incredible the agility that they have, the elegance. It’s a presence, a movement that I really liked. The truth is that it’s something that I really enjoy.” He added: “Well, I hope they didn’t see me crying, because I’ve had to cry at least a couple of times. Both because of the subject matter and because of the flying movements of both the men and the women.”

Shen Yun’s mission is to revive ancient Chinese tradition, a culture that was once almost lost when communism took over China.

Hernando Carvalho, the CEO of Braganza SAS, said: “the show is spectacular because it is bringing all the Chinese spirituality, from the Buddha to Guanyin, the Monkey King, all the Chinese ancestral knowledge that has been lost in communism, so it is a spectacular work. And at first, I couldn’t believe it because I had never seen a show like that.”

Ms. Collantes-Sampedro added: “And not because it’s just pretty, but because it’s important. I think finding what is good for everyone is fundamental. Finding what all cultures have in common or what all countries and people have in common without borders, I believe that’s what unites us. It’s of vital importance today.”

From NTD News, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain