Painter Enjoys the Beauty and Colors in Shen Yun

Mar 07, 2018

Shen Yun Performing Arts gave its first of six performances at the Palace Theater in Stamford, Connecticut, on March 1.

Among those attending the performance was Richard Koleszar, a painter and former chairman of the Redding Arts Council, who said he particularly enjoyed Shen Yun's costumes and colors.

“There were a lot of pastel colors, and they blended it beautifully—I love, you know tertiary colors, well they had a lot of tertiary colors that went together with the costumes,” said Koleszar.

“I think it was like two and a half hours or something. It went by like in ten minutes. I just wish it went on and on, it was so beautiful,”said Koleszar.

Like their culture, Chinese people believed that their clothing styles were bestowed to them by the heavens. Color was an important part of that style. For example, the color yellow was reserved for the royal family and the emperor, the son of heaven.

Shen Yun is reviving China's divinely-inspired culture. The classical Chinese dance and music company was founded in New York in 2006 with a mission to bring China's 5,000 year-old history to life.

They travel the world, teaching people about what Chinese culture used to be before campaigns like the Cultural Revolution in China.

“Inspiring. Beautiful. Humbling,” said Alex Barbieri, a musician and rock singer. “And I want to learn more about Chinese culture from seeing the show tonight.”

“I really enjoyed the history, and learning about that Chinese culture is a very deep culture with a lot of history and a lot of awareness,” said Bart Bradley, director of global service delivery operations at PwC.

“Everyone deep down, everyone has sort of a feeling that there is something else, there is something else out there. And that we're all together, we share it all, regardless of what part of the Earth that we're in. And I think that's beautiful,” said Koleszar.

"It's a show unlike anything I've ever seen before and I'm a better person for coming to see it," added Barbieri.

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