‘After Watching Shen Yun, My Heart Calmed Down’: Taipei Audience

May 11, 2024
Shen Yun Performing Arts took audiences in Taipei, Taiwan on a journey through 5,000 years of traditional Chinese culture from April 2–7. On the second day of performances, the island was hit with its most powerful earthquake in 25 years, but Shen Yun’s artists captivated audience members anyway.

“Coming from Hualien city, the train just reopened yesterday. So I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to make it in time. Also because my emotions were not stable,” said Chin-Mei Lin, a silver medallist in the 2004 Paralympic Games. “After watching Shen Yun, my heart calmed down, and I realized that I should always be grateful. Being able to see such touching dances, whether it’s their jumps or some of their spins, I feel they put a lot of effort into it. Everything was perfect. We were deeply moved after watching it.”

Jiaqi Chen, the founder of MIRROR Jewelry, said: “I was very happy from beginning to end. I like this feeling. I can feel it entering my soul and I can see the essence of Chinese culture vividly. Then through the performance, I can feel the beauty and richness of Chinese culture.”

“There’s this feeling of being deeply touched, with a huge burst of energy,” said Yi-Shen Chen, a legal counselor for the city government in Taipei. “That feeling of being moved starts from deep within the heart, rises to the head, and then you feel a tingling sensation on the scalp. It’s that kind of a feeling, yes.”

Shen Yun draws inspiration from China’s five millennia of civilization. The culture finds its roots in moral values and belief in the divine. The New York-based company showcases those traditions through classical Chinese dance, music, and ancient legends.

Taisan Qiu, chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council, said: “It spanned 5,000 years of history. Whether it was a mythical or a historical story, everything here showed the kindness of human nature and inspired everyone to do good deeds. I think this is very meaningful.”

“Watching Shen Yun is really a very good thing and is good for our body, mind, and soul. It brings a sense of fulfillment to our body, mind, and soul and fills us with positive energy. It’s a form of happiness and luck for today’s people,” said Liangtai Pan, a painter.

Yi-Shen Chen said: “I personally feel that it’s guiding me in the right direction. For me, this is very good. I don’t feel that the future is uncertain. I highly recommend that those who haven’t seen Shen Yun yet, come quickly and watch it. Who knows, maybe this performance will guide you and allow you to understand more quickly what your path is.”

Audience members also described feelings of harmony and calm inside the theater.

Zi’ang Chen, senior director of MIC, said: “Shen Yun conveys a sense of harmony, promoting social stability and preventing restlessness in people’s hearts. I think it’s fantastic. I recommend that everyone come and enjoy Shen Yun.”

“I ended up shedding tears. It’s very touching. Young people really should come and participate in this meaningful event because I think it illustrates many good values from ancient China, including parent-child relationships,” said Qianxin Zhang, the CFO of AppoTech Group.

Huiting Xio, the business director of a technology company, said: “the dance stories are very delicate yet immensely powerful, which is very challenging [to achieve]. I understand that mastering such precise body control requires extensive and strict training, perseverance, and exceptional determination to achieve such a level of artistic perfection. Shen Yun aims to convey Chinese culture and encourage humanity towards goodness and beauty.”

“Shen Yun manages to compile a multitude of thought-provoking programs every year, which I believe is quite remarkable. The greatest reward is feeling refreshed and deeply content after experiencing it,” said Datuk’ Kun Huang Chen, the former president of the Asia Taiwan Business Association.

With eight companies touring the world simultaneously, Shen Yun brings an all-new program to the stage every season.
From NTD News, Taipei, Taiwan
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