Shen Yun’s Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance Elicit Happiness

May 7, 2017

“I loved the show. It was absolutely beautiful. I loved how the characters jumped out of the screen [the digital backdrop] and became live. It was beautiful. The music was beautiful. The costumes were beautiful. It was just a beautiful show, a wonderful experience.”

“Oh, the colors! I noticed there were beautiful, natural colors, and all the pictures [backdrops] were vibrant. Pink was my favorite color. There was a beautiful pink in all the pictures, and all of them had natural green in them. Just beautiful, vibrant colors! It was a beautiful experience visually—and in listening to the music.

“[I felt] happiness and a little bit of sadness when you hear that this kind of show doesn’t happen in China. But the beauty of the [performers] and just the beauty from the music—it makes me feel spiritual and happy. … I could feel compassion from the music and from the people.”

“Truthfulness, compassion, tolerance. That just made me feel happy. It was a connection because everybody in the world—we’re all the same no matter where we’re from. We all have that basic feeling, the same feelings … Truthfulness—we all want that.”

“There is something better and above us that we all are going to strive for, … and if we’re better people and good people, there’s heaven, an ultimate destination where we all hope to end up.”

“It speaks to me—to just feel the goodness and to experience and look for the goodness in people and just be a happier person and be a kinder person because I ultimately want that heaven. So I loved it. Beautiful! It was a beautiful experience.”