Shen Yun’s Theme of Spirituality Resonates with Interior Designer

December 30, 2017

“I am enjoying all the costumes and the decorations. It’s very interesting how the media is incorporated into the dance, how the stage interacts with the screen. The colors are very wonderful, very vivid, and just go together very well. The dancing is wonderful. I’m really enjoying it a lot.”

“It’s very interesting and informative, very interesting to see the different dances.”

“A very touching moment was [the dance] about the persecution of the faith [of Falun Dafa, a traditional Chinese spiritual discipline, by the Chinese regime]. It was touching.”

“You do see that in every story there is a connection between our physical world and spirituality that is important to Chinese culture. It is important [for Westerners as well]. For me, it is important because we are spiritual beings. And it resonates with me very well, the name of this show, that we are spiritual beings living in this world.”