Shen Yun’s Story Needs to Be Told, Educator Says

February 28, 2017 ShareSHARE

“It’s from the heart. … You can really tell it’s from the heart.”


“It was breathtaking, it really was—the performance, the dancers. And the way they can tell the stories without any words is really wonderful.”


“That [the dance ‘A Child’s Choice’] almost brought me to tears. Thinking about it makes me tear. … It’s a very powerful story, and to think this is still going on today, and that art is being persecuted. For whatever reasons, it’s just wrong. … 

“It’s very powerful, and I’ve been to lots of dance performances, but this is so much more than that. … It’s not [just] history, it’s happening now, and it’s an important message to get out.”


“One [message] is of joy, that amid all the bad things that are going on, there’s still joy, and art is what brings joy to people’s lives. … Nowadays we’re just realizing that persecution still exists. Sometimes we forget that, and I think this message, the story, needs to be told.”

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