Shen Yun’s Story-Dances Are Wonderful

March 26, 2017

“It’s divine, it’s just gorgeous watching the movement, the dancing, learning the history of all the dances—it’s stunning.”

“The little spoken moments in between each dance really set the scene and help you to understand, particularly one that’s standing out for me, the Monkey magic.  [I] remember watching it years ago and I just introduced that to my son, so it was really lovely for him to see a show come to life through theatre, so it’s wonderful.”

“I think without knowing what Shen Yun actually meant,  my natural instinct was to call it divine. It’s the movement, it’s the colour, it’s the fluid motion of everyone moving; the costumes are fantastic. Particularly the long sleeve costumes … just to see them float—it’s just beautiful.”

“He’s [my son] loving it, absolutely loving it.”

“Bring your family, it’s a wonderful performance for all ages — it’s entertaining, there’s lots of history.”