Shen Yun’s Positive Messages Are ‘Absolutely Relevant to Everyone’s Lives’

“The music is beautiful, it’s beautiful. It’s very lively and goofy at times, very sad and very moving [other times]. I loved it. Very dynamic!”


“When they were dancing with the handkerchiefs, it’s just incredible—timing and pacing, twirling and making a boomerang with the handkerchiefs—the coordination! How do you get a handkerchief to come back to you like a boomerang? It’s incredible.”


“I think it’s always wonderful to … be more mindful of a greater purpose like compassion and our fellow humans rather than just on money, wealth, and power. Especially as a social legal psychologist, my goal is to make this world more just and an equitable world, so a lot of those are definitely positive messages.

“I think it’s absolutely relevant to everyone’s lives and I think it’s something we forget about when you get caught up in the day-to-day grind of work.”

Kendra McLaughlin, Ph.D. student in psychology
Ottawa, Canada
Shen Yun World Company
January 7, 2017