Shen Yun’s Orchestra is ‘Absolutely Gorgeous,’ Says Former Deputy Registrar General of Canada

January 8, 2017

“The music is blowing my mind. It is so good. It’s so smooth, and the cadence with the dancers is absolutely beautiful.”


“I have to close my eyes from time to time and just follow the music. It’s very beautiful. I was saying this is probably the best music, best orchestra work I’ve ever heard.

“Music is a universal language no matter where you are. And the music that I hear is just absolutely gorgeous. … The music here is just unbelievable.”


“I could see the love of peace, the love of harmony, and the love of being.”


“I have to find some music by that orchestra because it is absolutely amazing. I will bring [home] a very peaceful, relaxing evening. I’ve learned a lot about Chinese traditional dancing.”