Shen Yun’s Music Would Benefit All the World’s People, Company President Says

September 27, 2017

“The erhu, an instrument that goes back thousands of years, and violin, a rather high-pitched instrument, were able to merge together so well. As for the conductor, he was just so adorable.” 

“For the piece “Dunhuang,” I can only use the word ‘magical’ to describe it. The composer for this piece is definitely somebody really special. He is surely somebody who is superb and highly respected.” 

“While listening to the music, there were moments where I felt the emotional upswing, and there were times when I felt much tranquility. It was quite a spiritual polarization.” 

“The piece, “The Great Khan,” could surely inspire people, regardless of which country they are from. … I believe [Shen Yun music] can have a positive effect on people, improving their temperament or morality. This is good for any country.”

“This music, which combines the East and West, is heavenly. … I believe Shen Yun, with the [tour] of its orchestra, can surely help to promote traditional Chinese culture.”