Shen Yun’s Music Went Right to My Soul, Attorney Says

April 28, 2018

“[The music] was very relaxing. It just mesmerized you. It made you very tranquil—right to your soul.”

“I definitely felt like a transcendence—between the music, the way it was affecting my soul, and watching the dancing, the way the artists interpreted the music, with their dance.”

“It is out of this world. … It was divine. … Time flew by. And I didn’t want it to end.”

“The combination of the beautiful dancing and the music, and the artistry of the colors; … it was a big collaborative effort of so much talent. It was like an explosion.”

“I was feeling very relaxed. Very present in the moment. I wasn’t thinking about anything else. So it was like an escape. Yet I was here in the moment.”

“[The soprano] was very nice. Her voice was beautiful and enchanting. I love it.”

“I was reading the lyrics [of the songs on the digital backdrop], … the message that I got was that we are innately good people and that we need to stick connected to the goodness within ourselves and each other.”