Shen Yun’s Music ‘Serves Up the Mood,’ Musician Says

The music 'even represents every moment of what happens on stage'
April 22, 2018

“I love the special sound effects, and how it [the music] even represents every moment of what happens on stage. … It really serves up the mood of what’s going on in real time on stage.”

“I love how they bring the people [performers] on stage by the animation [digital backdrop]. And it’s just a perfect timing that they just come right on stage like it’s really them. It’s like magic, I think.”

“It [the music] makes me want to watch. … It’s kind of suspenseful sometimes. It’s like you kind of sense what’s going to happen. It makes you want to wait for something. You feel like you’re expecting something that’s coming … and a lot of storytelling, too, [that’s] involved.”