Shen Yun’s Music ‘Like an Echo From the Universe,’ Chief of Cultural Affairs Says

October 1, 2017

“I experienced a different kind of symphony with Shen Yun. … You will regret it if you missed it.” 

“The symphony made me think that there is something bigger out there waiting to be explored. … The music is like an echo from the universe that is very special, broad, and bright.”

“The songs come with stories, and the music surprises me all the time. … It took me out of the box I was in and allowed me to believe that life will be full of creativity if we think outside the box.” 

“I became a Mongolian general traveling and fighting battles when I listened to the music [“The Great Khan”]. I experienced [Genghis Khan’s] life and death and the reincarnation of his soul. … It was very exciting. This piece is truly special because it made me feel that I was the character in the music, living a unique life.” 

“The tenor is very devoted to the song he sang, and you can feel that he is praising life and heaven and earth.” 

“The “Plum Blossoms” is a song everyone [in Taiwan] is familiar with. I am moved because the soprano sang the song as if she really has the kind of love [for the country].” 

“My heart just opened up. … I really enjoy the style of Shen Yun’s music. It’s like a person’s life that peaks and then returns to the ordinary. One must know how to appreciate peace once he returns to the ordinary.” 

Lin Ching-Wen, deputy chief of Changhua County Cultural Affairs
Changhua, Asia
Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra
October 30, 2017