Shen Yun’s Music ‘Is beautiful because of its spirituality,’ Education Director Says

September 26, 2017

“I believe Shen Yun, whether through dance or music, emphasizes the beauty of being spiritual. … Don’t be as busy as a bee everyday—amidst the toil and grind of everyday life, people have a beautiful side in them that comes from being spiritual.” 

“Shen Yun’s music is beautiful because of its spirituality. The [orchestra] displays something important for people—mankind’s spiritual culture can be the merger of different time and space, or the combination of modern and ancient civilizations.”

“For children coming to see the performance, there were arrangements [within the music] which would bring out images [in people’s mind]. And technically speaking, they would surely learn a lot.” 

“Director D.F. is truly amazing. Many people might simply take Eastern music, especially the erhu and flutes, to convey a more rueful emotion. [But the director] is able to bring out the different [emotional] layers of [different instruments], so they work together to become an orchestra capable of bringing out the grandeur of Han and Tang Dynasties.”

“Today many principals of our middle and elementary schools in Pingtung brought their music students to hear the concert. … All the different music pieces conveyed a sense of brightness and magnificence, and I believe children would surely realize the beauty of today’s music and appreciate its spirituality.”