Shen Yun’s Message of Hope Impresses Theatergoer

March 9, 2017

“The choreography was wonderful. The coordination, the synchronicity. I loved some of the costumes, because they added to the performance because of the color, so it’s a combination of color, sound, and movement and energy, and I’m just enjoying the whole program.”


“It was just totally coordinated and choreographed and the timing was perfect, and the synchronicity! I haven’t been this impressed in a while.”


“I felt the dances that were represented showed that there are many different cultures within the Chinese nation.”


“I thought it was fantastic. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. And I was really impressed by the final song, “The Dream,” and the final scene (“Boundless Compassion”) — the messages that were given by it.”


“I felt that the final message was one of hope. That we will finally come, we’ll get past the point where we’re fighting one another, and feeling separate from one another, and we will join together in peace and love.”


“The lyrics were very insightful; as far as right now, humanity is in a dream. We need to wake up and understand why we’re really here. It’s more than just to do things in the physical world. It has to do with the spirit and the growth of the spirit and the return to oneness.”


“I think it’s going to take some time to really [process] everything I’ve seen because there were so many different things. … I’ll tell you, in all honesty, I need to go home and look at the program again, and assimilate it.”