Shen Yun’s Lyrics Have Deep Meaning for Theatergoer

February 27, 2017

“The colors of the outfits, the music, ancient Chinese instruments—everything is just so wonderful. It’s a culture that we don’t know much about.”


“I liked the message that they presented [in the lyrics] that we are after material things in this world. It’s an important message. We need to think more about heaven, more than the things we do in this world. We’re here on a trip.”


“The message really hit me very hard because we try so much for making money, making money, making money, and we forget that we are here temporarily. We die and leave everything behind.”


[Regarding the first piece, ‘Descent from Heaven: A Renewal’] “We all believe in something supreme, something beyond us, something powerful. We wait one day to go there, be it nirvana, be it heaven, whatever you call it. It’s something that we all should have hope for in the future. Otherwise we’re nothing.”