Shen Yun’s Harmony of Music and Dance Impresses in Mexico

March 22, 2017

“Amazing, it’s a great performance, world-class. It’s an opportunity to know different stages of history from an ancient culture like the Chinese one, and it’s a show, I repeat, of the best caliber, a world-class show.”

“The harmony of music and dance, that conveys precisely that—spiritual peace, harmony—and is a reflection of the spiritual strength of Chinese culture. Listening to it gives you peace, [the] music is in perfect harmony with dance, and it’s very pleasing.”

“China has an ancient culture that is the backbone of mankind. That confirms the main role and importance that China has had as a nation for mankind, and still has and will continue to have forever and ever, because it’s a people, a culture that has influenced other countries’ cultures. Now I was seeing the dances in palaces from 2,000 years ago.”