Shen Yun’s ‘Harmonious Music Touches Our Hearts’, Music Teacher from China Says

September 19, 2018

“It’s not easy to integrate Chinese and Western music instruments [in an orchestra].

“[The performance] sounds perfect and has a majestic momentum. I had vivid scenes in my mind, and want to hear more. The harmonious music touches the bottom of our hearts.”

“In the performance, there were clops and the sounds of birds chirping. In particular, the clops from near to far gave me the feeling of ancient times.”

“It’s not easy to reach such a great unison. It’s indeed incredible that dozens of performers played together so harmoniously.”

“These musicians must have a very high level of self-discipline. Even when they were not playing, their expressions remained smiling and looking at the conductor. It requires a high degree of self-discipline to reach such a realm.”

“The conductor is perfect! Not only did he command the orchestra with his baton, but he also used his body language, eye contact and facial expressions. It’s unbelievable that a foreign conductor could interpret Chinese works to such extent.”

“I want to stay here longer, so as to be immersed in Shen Yun music continuously.”

“The performances of erhu and pipa were marvelous. They were so imposing that I was truly touched.”

“If there were more these kinds of soul-purifying concerts, children and all others in the society would benefit from it. [Shen Yun] would definitely help us improve ourselves spiritually. It is worthwhile to listen to such a concert.”

Chen Xiao (pseudonym), music teacher from a university in China
Yuanlin Performance Hall, Changhua, Asia
Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra
September 18, 2018