Shen Yun’s Emcees Answer Your Questions as They Come to Mind

February 19, 2017

“The performance was fabulous; for me the design of the set, and the whole performance, athletic abilities – incredible, and the orchestra was incredible. I liked the fact that the Western and the Eastern [instruments are] all mixed together. That was really very well done, really very well done.”

“In my younger years, I actually was in gymnastics. I competed in gymnastics, and I had no idea that what I used to compete in came all the way thousands and thousands of years ago from Chinese dance. I never knew that, so it was neat, it was really, really neat.”

“I think the narration was very good. The fact that they had the story, they told, and it was very interesting too because he said, ‘I suppose you are wondering,’ and … ‘I was wondering, and … then there would be something else, and ‘I suppose you were wondering,’ and yes, I was wondering. So they answered questions. … It was an education and yet it was artistic, all at the same time.”