Shen Yun’s Digital Backdrops Are Extraordinary and Innovative, Says Professor

April 13, 2017

“If you don’t see it, you won’t believe it.”

“Very nice. Very entertaining. I thought many things were very innovative.”

“The digital projection effects were extraordinary to me. … The connection between the real life and the [digital projection] together was seamless, and I loved that.” 

“[The stories] are very well connected so that I can understand. Because of the background, it makes the stories very complete and entertaining as a whole because you can see the whole thing, which could not be done without those [backdrops].” 

“Both of our cultures have a lot of similarities; many of the things like the spiritual background of the dance — [which] is very colorful — and every time the evil gets defeated. That is the moral of all stories.”

“[The orchestra] is very nice, extremely well arranged. … It was extremely well done. The live orchestra makes much better entertaining. You could do it on a recorded track, but it won’t be this nice. I definitely enjoyed the live orchestra.” 

“I think they are doing a wonderful job, and they should continue to do it.” 

“It’s worth more than the money. I can tell you that.”