Shen Yun’s Dancing Is Phenomenal, Says Dance Teacher

April 7, 2017

“I enjoyed it very much. This is my first time. I’m also a dancer, so I really like such performances. I’m looking to see whether the dancers stand together with one another. The dancers … they all fit perfectly. That’s very nice.” 

“The whole show has been wonderful, very colorful, very different, unusual … The dancers are fantastic. I [was] looking at the dancing. The dancing is phenomenal.”

“It’s all beautiful, but the men really have the power to get themselves off the ground. Great job!”

“I love [the orchestra]. That’s important, because we all like the orchestration of the band playing together. It’s enjoyable. The live [music] is far better than the recorded music.” 

“I think it’s amazing how [the backdrop] worked together, how the timing was so perfect for the dancers to come to the right cue. They put a lot of thought to that. It was just wonderful.”

“Personally, I like cultures, and I think it’s important that we get exposed to those, learning a little more about each others’ culture. Universally we are all the same. We want the same thing … We want peace everywhere. We want people to value life. I think they did a great job, very much so.”

“It was fabulous, fantastic. My friends are waiting to hear it from me, and we will get more of them coming out. We will give a good review of it.”