Shen Yun’s Dancers Are In Top Condition, Says Former Ballerina

April 23, 2017

“Excellent! They (dancers) are in top condition. They hit all the positions perfectly. It’s just beautiful.”

“[The “Yellow Blossoms” dance] is very feminine, but also very powerful. The colors are very neat too, the yellow and green together.” 

“I like the story about Lao Tzu (“Bestowing the Tao”), and what he said, ‘Those who know don’t speak, and those who speak don’t know.’ I understand it, and I think that’s neat.” 

“I like that they use a little girl for the baby (in “A Child’s Choice” vignette). I like that modern story, but it’s sad.” 

“I really like that [the emcees] come out and tell you a little bit about what each dance is going to mean. The emcees are great.” 

“I really like the costumes [in the dance “In a Village of the Yi.”] … and those in the first performance when the heavenly beings come out (“Descent from Heaven-A Renewal”). That’s really powerful. The traditional dancing with the long sleeves (“Han Dynasty Sleeves”) is beautiful.”

“You need to come and have this experience. You’re learning while being entertained at the same time, and feeling connected to it.”