Shen Yun’s Creativity Impresses Film Producer

April 9, 2017

“It’s fantastic. I appreciate the creativity from the screen to the set. I haven’t seen that done before.” 

“I really like that we have two narrators because it helps [me] follow the stories.” 

“I know about the spirituality of the Chinese culture, and how sadly it’s been taken away, and the fact that this can’t be performed in China.” 

“I think [Shen Yun’s mission is] fantastic. I appreciate it. We need more.”

“It’s important that if we all have that connection [between the spiritual and the earth], it would be a better place in the world, especially right now with all the troubles.”

“To realize that this was really the China in the past, this was where China came from … and that the government has subjugated the common man, that’s sad.” 

“I have a movie that intersects with the opera Turandot. So, I came here for inspiration. The film hasn’t been shot yet, but we’re hoping [it will be] soon.” 

“I would recommend it to my friends.”