Shen Yun’s Costumes Inspire Senior Director

April 28, 2018

“It is very beautiful. … The dancers obviously are very professional. … And the choreography is very beautiful. So it was a beautiful production.”

“I love how they incorporate, the one story, where the characters fell from the sky, [and then] they came to live on the stage. That was ingenious how they combined those two elements of the film [ditigal backdrop] and live production.”

“I am inspired and in awe by the colors of the costumes.”

“[The spiritualy] is clearly there. I guess that’s the undercurrent of the performance. That’s part of what the show is all about—a connection with this Earth and the heaven and how we relate to that. I find it very entertaining—very relaxing and spiritual show.”

“The sense of giving me some peace and tranquility as I am watching it, that’s what I think where the connection is. It is very soothing. It is very calming—I enjoy that.”