Shen Yun’s Conductor Puts Fashion Director’s Soul in Heaven

September 30, 2017

“I love the conductor. It was almost like he was dancing onstage, and when he moved, he made the music notes fly in the air. Every artist onstage looked beautiful to me, as they were surrounded by positive energy.”

“The conducting baton seemed to have the magic to put everyone’s soul in heaven, listening to the marvelous music that belongs there.”

“Every time he swung the baton, I felt like crying, and I don’t know why. It was like the baton gently poked my heart and turned me into a fairy flying among the music notes they created.”

“It was like all the troubles in real life vaporized into outer space. I enjoyed how Shen Yun’s music made me feel. … The music calms me down and makes me feel that there is hope. The music warms my heart.”

“If one feels compassionate, the troubles in life will melt away. Though the music notes don’t speak, they seemed to be guiding me to a certain way of living my life.”

“Many of my friends told me that Shen Yun’s music belongs in heaven, and it does.”