Shen Yun’s Classical Chinese Dance ‘Amazing,’ Says Former Dancer

April 13, 2017

“I love the dance. I was so excited about coming to see the show.”

“The way they (dancers) move their feet as they enter and leave the stage, and their arms are so gallant and glorious. That’s really beautiful. The extension and the lightness of their… they are half-way up to the ceiling in their leaps and jumps. I want to clap for everything they do.” 

“There’s no sustained movements because it’s all live drumming. So that was very interesting and very athletic (“Tibetan Drums” vignette.)

“[The costumes are] incredible. They’re beautiful. They’re all so flowing, layered, and colored.”

“The whole thing [Shen Yun performance] is amazing.” 

“I’m glad to be learning about the culture.” 

“You have to see [Shen Yun.] Never miss it when it comes along. It’s beautiful.”