Shen Yun’s Beauty and Symmetry Impresses Theatregoer

March 1, 2017

“It was spectacular. Visually, it’s just stunning. Things as simple as a handkerchief, it was remarkable to see what they can do [with it].”


“I’ve been wanting to see it for 10 years. I would always see it advertised in the subway and never ever got around to going. I owe it to my aunt that we actually made it here. It was wonderful, wonderful!”


“I want to bring the program home and show my children. See if I can find a YouTube clip because they would think it is spectacular. I think this type of dance would give children an appreciation of dance. With all the ribbons and everything, to see the additional expression that you could have with all that. I think they’d love it, I think they’d absolutely love it.”


“I think the symmetry and the beauty really stood out the most for me.”