Shen Yun’s Beauty and Meaning Heal the Soul, Says Theatregoer

January 15, 2017

“We enjoyed it very much. I intend to come next year with my grandchildren. I think it’s perfect. Everything is perfect—the dances, everything.”


“The meaning is interesting also. … It’s meaningful for its beauty, it’s meaningful for its happiness, it’s meaningful for its music. It is good for us, for everybody, to heal the soul. I think they have good values.

“The values are we all have the same purpose on Earth. We’re all looking for peace. We have to learn that possessing a lot on earth is not the most important thing—that we all go back to the beginning.”


“I’ll remember beauty, I’ll remember people that get out together, and I’ll remember that we’re all looking for the same thing on earth. We’re all looking for peace and joy and beauty.”


“It’s great and it’s perfect, and I recommend it to everybody.”