Shen Yun, ‘You have to see it to experience it,’ Says CEO

April 8, 2018

“I love it. I did not know what to expect, but it’s beautiful.”

“The opening [vignette touched me] because it was so beautiful, and caught me by surprise.”

“I feel joyful and happiness. [The dancers’] expressions are joyful.”

“[The digital projection] is amazing! How they do the animation [synchronized] with the music was amazing.”

“[The costumes] are beautiful, and they flow so nicely.”

“Yes, it did resonate with me … [the themes were] very heavenly, and there was a spirituality to it. I think that is what everybody was feeling.”

“An hour flew by, and I’m interested in seeing what happens in the second half.”

“[It’s] breathtaking, and you have to see it to experience it. It’s so different from any other [type of] theater you might see because it does draw you in emotionally and spiritually.”

“Absolutely [I would recommend it].”