Shen Yun Wows Taiwanese Philharmonic Association Representative

March 10, 2018

“Shen Yun is like a messenger from God, telling us about truthfulness, compassion, and what is real beauty.”

“The first time I came to see Shen Yun, I brought along my wife and three children. This time, I brought along five of my family members.”

“The first time I saw it, wow! It was very beautiful, and the performers really put their heart into it. … This second time, I was touched, especially with the program about ‘Journey to the West’ [classic Chinese novel].”

“‘Journey to the West’ is a reflection of our lives. … In fact, every one of us, sometimes, we act like the monk, sometimes we behave like the Monkey King, sometimes like Pigsy, and other times like Sandy.”

“I was really touched by the combination by the performance with the music. I felt like I was part of the different [dance-based] stories.”

“The patented [digital backdrop] has this seamless connection with the performance onstage. This is really special.”

“The erhu solo performance brought out the nostalgia and memories—thinking about my mother and my own childhood.”