Shen Yun Where Heaven Touches Earth

April 15, 2017

“The show [Shen Yun] was absolutely fabulous, just quite exceptional and something different than I’ve probably ever seen before.”

“I think the gracefulness and the colour, and just the dance itself is very exceptional, something that we don’t have here, so it is very exceptional and very beautiful. The beauty in it gives you a sense of peace and serenity and marvel.”

“There is a lot of spirit and soul within it and that in a sense you can see that heaven touches earth through the dance and the culture.”

“There are quite a lot of battles between good and evil and how important that is to understand that is part of our world so that we can choose good or we can choose evil. So it is educational from that point of view.”

“It speaks to everybody. It’s common language. It’s a universal language—and a has beauty that probably surpasses language.”