Shen Yun ‘Weaves Together Arts With Philosophy’ Says Screenwriter

April 10, 2017

“I loved it. It was beautiful. It was full of art, and color, and dance, and very deep philosophy.”

“The technological brilliance, the motion in both the people and the images – it all goes together. It’s seamless.” 

“The music was the most beautiful thing I’ve heard. It was a great mix of Western music and Chinese music, and like everything else, it was seamless. It all seemed to work together beautifully.”

“The dancers are spectacular. They are the best dancers I have ever seen.”

“I was so taken by how fluid and light everything was, and the way the dancers could make inanimate objects behave in a way that added to the artistic experience. The thing with the handkerchiefs (“Handkerchiefs in Flight”) — that was amazing. The way that their sleeves behaved (“Han Dynasty Sleeves”) – all of that. The way the costumes behaved. The dancers gave life to all of these inanimate objects, and they used that to tell a story.”

“Every vignette had a beginning, middle and end, and a moral, a meaning. The things people experienced in these stories had a meaning, in the end.” 

“It was all based on philosophical truth and [it’s] inspiring. … It resonated with me as the truth of Lao Zi taught about human existence.” 

“It’s about the Creator, and it’s about all human life, and it’s about we’re all connected, and that time is something that is ephemeral, in a sense.” 

“The human spirit is indomitable. And the things that we experience now, the politics, the things that governments do, and all that, these things are temporal – they will all pass. But the truth and beauty of the human spirit are eternal.”

“It’s incredibly artistic, it weaves together art with philosophy.” 

“Ecstatic. This is something you should see. It’s cultural, it’s education, it’s spiritual, and it’s beautiful.”