Shen Yun Wakes Up a Lost Memory and Opens Our Hearts

March 28, 2018

“[Shen Yun] is a beautifully, creatively choreographed program with a beautiful, spiritual understanding of virtue. … I am glad that [the artists] are doing it because they are still capturing the real love of the Chinese culture.”

“[With truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance,] we would look for the good in others. … It would be a much more peaceful, calm, and less anxiety-ridden world. It would get down to loving each other. Wars wouldn’t be available to us anymore. It wouldn’t be in our mind and our heart.”

“[The orchestra members] are beautiful. They have the Western and the Eastern combination, which really resides in each one of us. So when you put that together, you remember something. There is a remembrance of calmness, of beautiful artistry with the music. … It is inspiring. … It opens your heart if you are willing to open it.”

“I felt gratitude, and I was very, very appreciative of the dancers … and of this company, protecting this [cultural heritage] because it is something we need in this world. … The movement and the music … gets into our DNA. … I cannot explain it.”

“[Shen Yun] makes me feel that … there is redemption in life. If we look back in history, they have something to tell us, and we have to remember that, to carry it forward.”

“It is a remembrance. It is like waking us up: Do you remember this? Do you remember these stories? And we can all cherish that golden truth through all religions, through all cultures, that we are here to love one another.”