Shen Yun ‘Visually Outstanding,’ Says Artist

March 19, 2017

“It was visually outstanding, absolutely outstanding. And you don’t know whether to watch the screen or the dancers, so it was very exciting. It was really wonderful.” 


“Everything moved the way it was supposed to move, told the story. It was the whole story: not just the story, the dance, it was everything that came together to give you the whole visual experience.” 


“The whole spiritual idea of the Creator is easy to relate to. And the goodness, it’s about good versus evil and we always want good to triumph over evil—we loved it.” 


“I loved just the whole color, it was an experience. I have to come and see it again because I spent so much time watching the dancers — I couldn’t watch the [digital] backdrop and scenery. So I’ll come again to see it just because the experience was so great.” 


“It’s a passionate music, the same as the symphony. … You can still feel the rhythm, it’s almost like a lifeforce, really.” 

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