Shen Yun ‘Very Professional,’ Says Martial Arts Master

March 11, 2018

“I love it. It’s very professional, very colorful. The dancing is amazing, the men and the women are amazing with their performance.”

“The Chinese music, I love it.”

“The choreography, the way they move, the dancing, I recognize martial arts moves.”

“It’s amazing, the screen in the background and the dancers’ great coordination, the choreography. We are looking forwards to see the second part.”

“The [story] about the Falun [Dafa practitioners], unfortunately I know a great deal about it, and I feel sorry for all the people, the men and women who are tortured and killed because of that.”

“I know the reality of it. It’s kind of sad that in reality, people are suffering because of their belief.”

“The show brings the dance, the spirit, the movement, the coordination between men and women. Also in the background, the Gods and the spirits, it all comes to one body, mind and soul, come together.”

“Sometimes I [felt] some chills during the episodes, because the music sent a certain frequency, and then the movements. It’s hard to explain.”