Shen Yun ‘Very Meaningful, Very Impactful’

April 23, 2017

“It’s wonderful, it’s lovely. I’ve seen it advertised for years, and this was the first opportunity to come. I wanted to bring my parents. It’s a beautiful show, very artistic.”

“We wanted to see the artistry of the show, and the ballet, and the cultural part that it has. It’s truly lovely.”

“My two favorite performances are the Yellow Blossoms and Tibetan drums. Those are very beautiful and very interesting staging of the dancers. All of the shows are lovely. Those are the two that impressed me most so far.” 

“The backdrops are amazing. How they have the people come and go, and the real cast members come out from the stage, is very fascinating. I love it.” 

“[The music makes me feel] very peaceful, very peaceful. Even in the more exciting parts there’s a very consistent rhythmic thrill.”

“I think [the emcees] are very helpful. I wasn’t expecting that, and I am very glad that they are doing it, and I like the fact that they do it in English and Chinese as well.”

“They are enjoying it very much. They want to come back next year.” 

“[The performers’] talent is amazing, and their dedication and artistry, and it is so lovely they are keeping up this tradition. It would be lovely if they can keep their traditions in their own country as well.” 

“[The spirituality of Chinese culture] is the reason why we came, is to see that, to see the artistry combine with the music and the spirituality.”

“If you haven’t seen it, you should make reservations as soon as you can to come see it.” 

“It’s very meaningful, very impactful show.”