Shen Yun ‘Very Entertaining, Spiritually Uplifting,’ Says Business Owner

March 31, 2018

“Excellent show!”

“The choreography was really, really good. The music was good. The talent is very entertaining.”

“I liked the chopsticks [dance vignette] the best. It just had a nice click to it. It had a nice beat.”

“All the music is good. … [The live orchestra is] excellent. I like the piano [player] too.”

“[I liked the piece] about communism. It’s nice to learn about the history of China. I’m learning a lot.”

“I also liked the comments about the deities and eternity … an eternal aspect of our lives.”

“Very entertaining, spiritually uplifting. I was kind of in an irritated mood when I got here, and it calmed me down.”

“The peaceful music, the serenity, and the dancing, it just has an angelic form to it.”