Shen Yun Very Enlightening, Says CFO of University

April 23, 2017

“I enjoyed it very much. It was very interesting, very different from what I expected in terms of overall dance performance.”

“[The dancers were] synchronized, very synchronized, very amazing how so many of all the individuals are so in tune to each other. It was very impressive.” 

“I enjoyed [the music] very much. It’s very impactful.”

“[The English lyrics on screen] for me was very helpful, because it helped me interpret what was going on … I was impressed with the meaning behind the song.”

“Very enjoyful, very enjoyable. I typically don’t go to these type of adventures, but this was very entertaining.” 

“It was just such a shame [to see the oppression in China] — the [theme of] divine spirit versus the communist entrenchment [in China].”


“It was very enlightening.”