Shen Yun Unites All Cultures

May 3, 2017

“It was a wonderful evening. I saw a potpourri of colors, music, dances, movements, culture, history, landscapes—it was outstanding.”


“Shen Yun showed me the importance of clear water, clean air, green countryside—the conservation of nature. This is something that unites all cultures.” 


“It was outstanding. I was constantly shown a perfect picture of colors and form, yet every scene was different from the prior ones. Every scene was awe-aspiring and there was nothing that would have made a lesser impact than any of the prior scenes.”


“The direction I was given was that everyone should decide where one stands, what one wants, how one acts, and what would be the best solution. However, it is important not to impede others and remember that no one is better than the other.”


“I was highly impressed by the Shen Yun perfromance. Especially the show’s ability to connect the different environments, the different time periods, as well as the differences in art and culture. My overall impression is that the Shen Yun performance was amazing.”


“The Shen Yun showed me that one should believe in liberty for all, the importance of peace, and that society must continue to evolve. Only when people no longer hold any fear can they develop their talents and share them with society.”


“I will tell people that the Shen Yun is a mixture of different thoughts, colors and forms. Again, it was an excellent cultural presentation.”


“Shen Yun showed me how society could be and how it should become.”