Shen Yun ‘Touched My Heart Very Deeply’, Says Theatregoer

March 27, 2017

“I know Shen Yun but I never saw it in real, so several years already I was longing to see it… It was the most beautiful show or performance I ever saw and I really mean this and it was also, I must say,  it was very touching.” 


“That [lyrics] really touches my heart very deeply and I also had some tears that were running. With the opera [tenor] the man who sang and the message behind about truth and everything—this was really very, very powerful. The whole performance, the whole show was absolutely very powerful and it was really heart warming, so I really want to thank all the group and everyone involved, all the people who contributed to this show really from the depths of my heart that they do such a really great show that we can see everywhere in the world except for in China, so that’s a pity.” 


“I will continue to encourage people really to go and see it because it’s absolutely worthwhile and I am very convinced that it will touch many people’s hearts everywhere in the world and plant some seeds of compassion and that’s really fantastic to do. Really, really, I’m very deeply touched and happy that I could see this this evening.” 


“I think it’s a way to practice compassion, show compassion or to let people feel compassion in a totally other way. We sat in the second row and we could really see the expressions of the people very well … I am really grateful to see it.” 

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