Shen Yun Tickets ‘the Best Christmas Present I’ve Ever Received,’ Says Actress

January 23, 2017

“The tenor was exquisite. … You feel the emotion of his voice, and you see the meaning of the words that he is singing, and you get chills when the voice connects with your heart and your soul.


“[The tenor’s lyrics] about compassion and not putting so much attention on material things and coming together and having a purpose in life—these are lessons that we can all learn. Even when you know it, you need to be reminded of it sometimes, when you live in a society that doesn’t always value those things. I think it’s really important to connect back to that, and I think this was a good example here of us being reminded of that.”


“There were some [scenes] that really touched my heart and got me to cry, and then others that just lifted you. … I am so grateful that we get to watch it and [the performers] get to share the [Chinese] culture, and I think that there is no better way than through the arts. It was absolutely lovely.”


“I think it’s the best Christmas present I’ve ever received. I loved it, I absolutely enjoyed it.”


“[The sound of the erhu] connects you to your heart, which is very lovely. You are listening to an instrument but it’s like it’s speaking to you, it’s very lovely. It’s emotional.”


“There were so many emotions throughout the show. The music, the colour, the dance, and just the talent of the people involved was wonderful.”