Shen Yun ‘The main event of our year’, Says Theatergoer

March 27, 2017

“This is the third time that we’ve seen the show—every time is different. It’s absolutely fabulous. We just adore it; it’s the main event of our year. It really is well worth the journey.”


“The dance, the precision … I love the music. We don’t get that kind of cultural thing anywhere else really, do we? It’s just wonderful!”


“The energy [the performance] gives you is just fabulous! You just want to move around, you can’t just sit down afterwards, you really want to get up and go.”


“I think it’s important that they’re true to that [traditional Chinese values and beliefs] and this is a good way of them showcasing it because I don’t think we know enough here [in the UK] and very often we get the media which doesn’t tell us the truth, and these people are being very honest about their own culture.”


“It’s a wonderful show and we recommend it every year to everyone to come.”