Shen Yun Teaches Humanity to Return to Its True Form

May 9, 2017

“Shen Yun’s performance was fantastic. I am thrilled to have attended Shen Yun for the third time.”


“Whenever I attend Shen Yun, it leaves me with a special feeling, because it renews in me the knowledge about true traditions. What it is so amazing is that Shen Yun revives thousand years of history.”

“The ancient tradition of dancing was presented exceptionally well by Shen Yun performers.”

“The music brings harmony to the performances, which is unusual in its approach. This is something needed in today’s chaotic world. It brings to life inspiring melodies from the past.”

“Not only the music, but also the dance performances in their amazing forms bring us so much from the past.”

“I gleaned that humans should return to their true human nature, something that was normal hundreds of years ago. Shen Yun has the courage to bring this idea to its audiences.”

“People have to find and make time to revive their cultural heritage, only thus humanity will return in its true form.”