Shen Yun Teaches ‘Don’t Forget Where You Came From’

January 22, 2017

“Fantastic, outstanding. Very good cultural description, and moving you in time.”


“It was absolutely the best thing ever. I did read the reviews and I expected something very, very spectacular, and this is what exactly happened.”


“The spiritual, traditional, and cultural—I’m an anthropologist, I probably understand a little bit better—it was right there, absolutely.”


“I would say tradition is about circularity, and you could sense the circle—that’s what tradition means, traditional culture. We live here [in the West] in a very linear culture … with an absence of aesthetics, absence of colour, and finesse—the delicate side of the human. It’s a very good reminder.”


“I would say it’s teaching; it’s reflective, opening the soul and what is forgotten. I think it’s very important the culture we live in, in North America. It’s very absent of tradition. I think it’s very important for Toronto to have more like Shen Yun, and more often.

“I believe it is teaching … [reminding us] ‘don’t forget where you came from.’”


“[I feel] very much touched and integrated—integrated with the show, with the tempo, with the music, with the finesse and delicacy.”

Ivanka Glowacka, anthropologist
Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, Canada
Shen Yun World Company
January 21, 2017